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Luna Reece Ceramics - Ceramic Incense Holder

Luna Reece Ceramics - Ceramic Incense Holder

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Luna Reece Ceramics - Ceramic Incense Holder

Handmade incense holder.
Approximately 3.5 inches round. Glazed with multi colors. Each one is slightly different.
Colors Available 
Black - Black with White Speckles
White - White with Black Splatter
Mustard - Solid Mustard


Andrea Luna Reece

My name is Andrea Luna Reece, and I am the owner and artist behind Luna Reece Ceramics. My studio is located in Costa Mesa, California

Andrea might have started her career in publicity and advertising for an indie punk label - but what really makes her badass was when she took the leap to pursue her love for all things CLAY. With a BFA in Ceramics from CSULB in one hand and a love for combining modern and vintage aesthetics, Andrea produces all sorts of ceramics pieces from ring dishes, to jewelry trays, to planters and cups & plates.

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