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Massage + Body Treatments

Massage + Body Treatments

REMEDY Massage
$145 | $170
This signature and most popular body treatment is a definite choice in massages when looking for a combination of massage techniques. Heat therapy is used to ease muscles into a state of relaxation and melt away tension as this customized massage includes Swedish, Deep Tissue and Lomi Lomi massage techniques. Aromatherapy essential oils also elevate this massage forcing you to feel relaxed and weightless.
Available in 60 | 90mins
Swedish Massage
$60 | $110 | $140
This massage with help to relax the body and mind using light to medium pressure. This gentle yet effective massage helps knead out tension and improve circulation in the body.
Available in 30 | 60 | 90mins
Deep Tissue Massage
$65 | $125 | $155
Whether you have tension build up, an injury, or just simply prefer stronger pressure in your massages a deep tissue massage will leave you feeling rejuvenated! Firm pressure is used to alleviate pain and targets deeper layers of the muscle helping increase mobility.
Available in 30 | 60 | 90mins


Sound + Body Healing Treatment

$65 | 30mins Add-On

Take your next massage treatment to another level and connect inward with this vibrational medicine. Weighted tuning forks will be used on different points on the body, to balance, and aid in healing inflammation, pain management, injury, and general overall well-being and relaxation. Any combination of tuning forks, chimes and crystal singing bowls will be used throughout the session to bring more alignment to your mind and body.  *Available as an add on to 60 or 90min massage sessions only.


Back Exfoliation
Polish away dead skin cells from your hard to reach back! Enhance your massage with a sugar scrub, hot towel and hydration. With organic sugar scrubs like Stone Crop, Blueberry Soy, or Coconut, your skin will be noticeably smoother. This is an add-in treatment and will be integrated into your scheduled massage time.
CBD Therapeutic Gel
Your massage will be integrated using a combination of massage oil and CBD Therapeutic Gel. CBD is known to have long lasting affects thru massage and will help speed up recovery, keeping inflammation of sore and tired muscles down. If you want to melt away stress and dive deeper into relaxation during and following your treatment this one's for you! Contains no THC.


Purifying Back Treatment - 'Back Facial'
This spicy treatment helps to cleanse, detox, and smooth the back area. Using spices, fruits, and herbs will boost hydration and encourage healing! Minimal extractions will be included as well as a mini microderm if needed to help with any congestion. A light hydrating massage completes this treatment. 30mins