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Playa Goods - Grey Sashiko Pillow

Playa Goods - Grey Sashiko Pillow

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Playa Goods - Grey Sashiko Pillow

Front: Vintage Grey Sashiko

Back: Natural Hemp

Size: 20" x 20"


*pillow insert included.  

* Some pattern and color variations between pillows is normal

*Care instructions:  Dry Clean Only

*Each piece carries a story, therefore some textiles may have minor defects. 

Story Behind the Art:

From Japan that started out of practical need during the Edo era (1615-1868). Traditionally used to reinforce points of wear or to repair worn places or tears with patches, making the darned piece ultimately stronger and warmer, this running-stitch technique is often used for purely decorative purposes in quilting and embroidery

Sashiko embroidery was used to strengthen the homespun clothes of olden times. Worn out clothes were pieced together to make new garments by using simple running stitches. These clothes increased their strength with this durable embroidery.


The Story Behind Playa Goods

Playa Goods is owned by two sisters Anna & Alexandra that advocate fair trade and social responsibility. They are proud to share unique and truly one of a kind pieces that have heart, soul, and a story behind them.

Playa Goods exclusively carries pillows, blankets, and vintage textiles from all around the world. The sisters have built strong relationships with the craftspeople behind most pieces carried in their store. They respect the art and hard work that goes into each and every thread.

Playa Goods carries fabulous finds with a mix of bold colors, vibrant patterns, and ethnic vibes. They like to describe their style as Boho Chic, which creates that perfect balance of free style with a sophisticated flare!