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Wanderlust & Zeal Bracelets - Aquamarine Stack

Wanderlust & Zeal Bracelets - Aquamarine Stack

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Aquamarine is a stack that is centered around the Amazonite, This stone is known for being a stone to promote harmony and balance! We could all use a simple reminder to take time and bring about balance to our daily life. This stack is amazing to layer into your existing stack or other favorite bracelets or watches.

Sold as a set. 


Story behind Wanderlust & Zeal 
Hello ! My name is Alexzandra ! I am the creator of Wanderlust & Zeal . For a long while I've been obsessed with accessories ( especially bracelets ) , thus Wanderlust & Zeal ! I have been creating these handmade bracelet stacks for a little over one year . I am a local business in sunny south Florida , and use my surroundings to inspire all of my stacks.

Wanderlust & Zeal is a mash up of my two favorite feelings of life. Wanderlust is a strong desire to wander , travel , & explore the world . The meaning behind Zeal is a great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause ! These two words shine a lot of meaning onto my life & I feel that are two words that describe life for many of people.

I hope that through these stacks you find inspiration or reminders of what excites your soul! Wanderlust & Zeal reflects the whimsy & boho vibes of your everyday life !

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