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Wanderlust & Zeal Bracelets - Grateful Stack

Wanderlust & Zeal Bracelets - Grateful Stack

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Grateful :: 
This stack is centered around perspective. Each day we are all faced with two choices , to have a positive attitude or to let the day get the nest of you. When you make the decision to have a positive perspective you will begin to see a larger shift happen.

Story behind Wanderlust & Zeal 
Hello ! My name is Alexzandra ! I am the creator of Wanderlust & Zeal . For a long while I've been obsessed with accessories ( especially bracelets ) , thus Wanderlust & Zeal ! I have been creating these handmade bracelet stacks for a little over one year . I am a local business in sunny south Florida , and use my surroundings to inspire all of my stacks.

Wanderlust & Zeal is a mash up of my two favorite feelings of life. Wanderlust is a strong desire to wander , travel , & explore the world . The meaning behind Zeal is a great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause ! These two words shine a lot of meaning onto my life & I feel that are two words that describe life for many of people.

I hope that through these stacks you find inspiration or reminders of what excites your soul! Wanderlust & Zeal reflects the whimsy & boho vibes of your everyday life !

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